The aspiring entrepreneurs guide to finally start creating your dream business and gain traction online to create your desired income.


✔️ The three questions you have to ask yourself in order to become clear on your niche and become a client magnet.

✔️ How to use your language in a way that shows the value of your work so potential clients flock to you.

✔️ How to market and message yourself to get in front of clients who are eager and ready to invest.

In this FREE workbook and video training learn exactly how you can harness your passions and purpose to create a niche that leads you to your desired income so you can leave your 9 to 5 and spend time on what truly matters.

I started my business from scratch with no idea what I wanted to focus on. After six months of being all over the place with my business, I FINALLY discovered my niche and things exploded. I left my 9 to 5, attracted dream clients and hit my income goals (all in the first year of business).

Now I'm sharing all my techniques with you!


I'm Michelle Knight, your branding and business coach! I work with female entrepreneurs who are tired of just surviving in their jobs, to create a stand out brand for their business so they can create their desired income and free up time in their schedule to spend it on what truly matters most.

In one year, I completely transformed my life and the life of my family, by saying HELL YES to the entrepreneurial life and I've never looked back. It took me too freaking long to find my niche and now I help women from all over the world discover theirs, much faster, so they can focus on creating their biz and making money right away.

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